Teen killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo denied parole again

Killer rapist Paul Bernardo has been denied parole again.


Killer rapist Paul Bernardo has been denied parole again.

Two officers with the Parole Board of Canada took about an hour to reject his release application on Tuesday.

Their decision came after Bernardo said he was a changed person who now has his sexual deviancy under control.

Earlier in the day, the families of the victims read heart-wrenching statements at the serial killer’s parole hearing, explaining how the hearing process is akin to reliving the nightmares Bernardo inflicted on their families.

Bernardo’s horrific crimes in the 1980s and early 1990s include kidnapping, torturing and killing Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy near St. Catharines, Ont.

At his last parole hearing in October 2018, it took just 30 minutes for the Parole Board of Canada to reject his release.

In their statement, French’s parents, Doug and Donna, called Bernardo a “psychopath” who must “never be allowed in a position where he can repeat his atrocities.”

“We cannot think of anything that would be worse than the years of pain and suffering that we have endured as a result of the heinous crimes Paul Bernardo committed against Kristen, than Paul Bernardo being released back into the community when we know, as sure as night follows day, that he will commit more heinous crimes against other beautiful young, innocent children.”

“For those who say that time heals, they don’t know the excruciating pain that comes from such a horrific loss. Time doesn’t heal the pain; the pain is a life sentence.”

“We are an extremely blessed family that enjoyed all sorts of family fun, but now it is like there is a dark cloud always hanging over us.”

Mahaffy’s family said: “Memories of that horrendous time are just as vivid today as they were then. There is no escape for us from this horror.”

“Since the last Parole Hearing in October 2018, we have tried to forget about this dangerous offender’s existence and enjoy and remember everything about Leslie’s short and precious life. Yet once again, Bernardo’s desires are inflicted on us as he inserts himself into our lives again, forcing his horrors and terrifying memories upon us.”

“What does resting in peace mean when we have to relive these horrors every two or so years for the rest of our lives?

“This unnecessary re-victimization must stop.”

Bernardo is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault among other offences.

The designated dangerous offender has been eligible for full parole for more than three years.

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