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By BT Staff

This BT feature is presented in partnership with Oxford Learning.

Many students are heading back to class after a long hiatus. And that can mean returning to school on different pages and with different paces. Children have been learning at different speeds. For some, computer skills have skyrocketed. For others, reading may have fallen off the home-school schedule. But Oxford Learning, can help tip the scales in your favour.

As parents, you’ve already dug up the backpack and topped up the school supplies. Kids have already brought uneaten lunches home and probably even lost a shoe or two. Here are some other helpful ways to help your family be prepared and stay prepared for the academic challenges coming our way. Check out our top 10 tips:

    1. Restore routines: kids love structure. A pre-and-post-school schedule can help keep everyone on track – especially when managing time around extra-curricular activities.
    2. Schedule reading time: reading skills are highly transferrable and the basis for all subjects. Adding some time in your book nook each day will help boost your child’s skills.
    3. Build better sleep habits: brains recover overnight, and new information is absorbed. Ensuring a solid sleep schedule keeps everyone’s moods in check and focus razor-sharp.
    4. Prioritize organization habits: keeping your child’s schoolwork organized is important so they can quickly find their papers and books at school, while also keeping their work tidy.
    5. Set goals for this school year: ask your children what they want to achieve this year and use that list as a check-in on a regular basis. It lets your children feel heard and helps you all point in the right direction.
    6. Be prepared for online learning: flexibility is the key to life these days. Don’t disassemble your home set up just yet. Be ready to be agile for potential sick days, school closures and more.
    7. Set screen time limits: many children will have to be close to their screens this year for school. That means a big focus on reducing tv, gaming and tablet time outside of school to keep those little eyes rested.
    8. Create a study studio at home: this goes hand-in-hand with creating a routine. When your child has a go-to location in the home where they know they can get their work done, it’s one less question to arise.
    9. Check in with mental health: don’t take this one for granted. Lots of changes create lots of emotions. Ask the obvious questions and the hard questions.
    10. Practice gratitude: it’s so easy to complain. Try swapping the negative conversation for a positive one and teach the next generation about looking on the bright side.


More about Oxford Learning:

When your child is struggling or doesn’t feel confident in their abilities, there’s always an underlying reason. Oxford Learning works hard to get to the root of the issue through a personalized program that helps your child with the building block skills they need and the confidence in their knowledge they deserve. Often, children react differently to tutors than they do to teachers and parents. Individual attention gives your child the support they need that they may miss out on in a crowded classroom. It also gives your child personalized challenges that help keep them excited about learning and driven to achieve their best.

Since 1984, Oxford Learning has been using a unique approach to tutoring. Their focus on cognitive learning helps students use their brains more effectively. This helps build fundamental skills and teaches your children how to learn.

Traditional tutoring uses memorization as the basis for their programs. But Oxford Learning believes in developing fundamental learning skills that propel students to better grades and deeper knowledge. This approach helps fill the gaps between your child’s understanding of the work and what is being taught in school:

  • Find the most effective way for a child to learn
  • Teach your child using a big picture approach so they can understand how smaller thoughts fit into larger ideas
  • Help your child retain and apply new concepts successfully and with ease

You’ve already planted the seeds for a new school year routine; Oxford Learning knows the first few weeks can be a key time for understanding what’s needed for the year ahead. They’re here to help you and your family get the academic support you need when the time is right. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help jump-start the school year.

For more information about tutoring, subject areas, programs and more, visit


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