Gardening Hub

Fueling your backyard envy with the BT Gardening Hub, presented by Lowe’s! Check back for more tips from our resident flower expert Frank Ferragine!


Late Summer Gardening Tips!

Frank Ferragine breaks down the do’s and don’t’s of late summer gardening tips.


Frankie Flowers Answers Your Gardening Gripes!

What is your garden gripe? A bug, a slug or don’t know what a plant is? Frankie Flowers is here to answer all of your questions.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn in August

Resident Garden Guru Frankie Flowers joins us this morning with some tips to keep your lawn healthy, green and lush!

Peak Harvest Times for Your Backyard Crops

Frankie Flowers gives us his best tips for harvesting your backyard crops. Time to make a fresh garden salad!


Setting Yourself Up For Hydrangea Success

Frankie Flowers takes us through a bit of a Hydrangea primer and the basics we need to know for Hydrangea success.


Mid-Summer Garden Clean Up

Frankie Flowers is here to give you the tips and tricks to make your garden look fresh and fun this season!

How to Prevent Garden Disasters

Frankie Flowers had some unexpected visitors to his garden! He teaches us how you can prevent garden disasters such as having bunnies eat your lettuce.

Heavenly Herbs!

Frankie Flowers is back to give you some tips for growing the ultimate herb garden!

Dealing With Pesky Garden Bugs

Frankie shares his best tips for dealing with bugs in your garden this summer.

Annuals or Perennials?

Frankie Flowers breaks down the pros and cons of annuals versus perennials. It’s time to get gardening!

Gardening Advice Just in Time for the Weekend

Frankie Flowers gears up for a planting primer to share his best gardening advice for the long weekend! What will you be planting?


Tips for Growing Great Tomatoes

Looking to add some edible colour to your garden? Frankie teaches you his top tips for growing GREAT and delicious tomatoes.

From Weeds to the Garden of Eve

Frankie Flowers shares his tips and tricks to reduce weeds in your garden.